How to play: Hit Arrows to move, Space to drop bombs, Ctrl to use items

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STARBOMBA is a classic Battle Royale game inspired by Bomberman. Join a match set in a small maze and play against dozens of hostile people. Fight until you are the last standing man to become the winner! Firstly, you need to pick out a hero that you want. Next, you can hop into the arena and show your skills to conquer the round before you run out of time. Always avoid explosions including yours for survival! In STARBOMBA, you and other persons will be given lots of bombs. They are the primary equipment that you can use to eliminate whoever you target or prevent somebody from chasing you. It’s essential to master how to place these mines and evade traps in STARBOMBA! Attempt to act up smartly or you can be killed whenever! Although walls can cover your body, you are allowed to demolish them. Remember to gather items to grow stronger! Like PUBG, the map will gradually shrink in size and dangerous obstacles will appear more regularly. Good luck!

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