How to play: Use the mouse to move around the map, left click to dash into other players.

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About is a funny MMO game that you can play in another space. It is the place where you need to fight against other opponents for survival and for glory. Like other cool io games, you will depart from the spawning area with a little star. The first task that you should implement is to eat as much Stardust as possible. They are the main food for anyone who wants to get stronger. Aside from that, you can receive many upgrades from orbiting. Also, planets in the environment will give you lots of power-ups. However, you are able to find the other energy source in a more difficult way by dashing into the body of any rival that you aim. If you defeat him, his progress will be yours. Of course, it is not a safe method. Thus, you have to act cautiously and smartly. Make a plan before rushing or you will be their prey. During the chase, enter black holes to escape. Good luck!

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