Super Treasure Arena

How to play: Direct your character by using WASD. Jump over the terrain or launch your attacks to the enemies by using space bar. Use keys 1-5 to choose the weapons.

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About Super Treasure Arena

Super Treasure Arena

The main objective is Super Treasure Arena game is to collect as much gold as possible to defeat the opponents. Before starting your task, this awesome 2D Shooter iO game gives you a chance to choose your favorite class, including a Warrior, a Rogue or a Mage. Each of them is equipped a unique attack that can be launched to kill the opponents. You are supposed to make your way through a dungeon and try to fight off all enemies without being destroyed by them. Take a leap over some deadly terrains, have your weapons ready and start launching your assaults to the enemies faster, or you can try to shoot a lot of treasure chests from afar. Make sure you defend your fighter all the time, pick up all the gold, increase your scores and become the ultimate winner at the end of the battle. Are you ready for this task? Let’s try it now!

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