How to play: Direct your ship by using keys WASD. Click LMB to fire or control, and press spacebar to use the power-ups.

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About is a Multiplayer Asteroids game online that allows you to freely roam around the space doing your mission. As a commander, you have to cleverly move your spaceship to go fight off all other opponent spaceships directed by real players. Make sure you aim carefully, shoot them down as fast as possible and never let them attack you back. Killing the enemies is always crucial, but protecting your ship is much more important. The dangers and enemy bullets are from everywhere, and if you no pay attention to them, there won’t be any guarantee for your life. Be sure to collect some silver weapon crates dispersing around the map to unlock more power-ups and new stronger weapons. Make an effort to increase your ranks, obtain new spaceships and try to climb the leaderboard to gain the whole control. Surely you will keep addicted to the game and experience so many challenges. Wish you luck!

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