How to play: Control and turn your snake by using keys A/D. Pick up power-ups around the map by using key W.

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As a cunning snake in, you must know what to do to survive in this harsh arena for the victory. The Multiplayer game attracts numerous online players from around the world, so come meet them now and show them who the best snake is. Move around the map to pick up lots of food orbs as well as other strong power-ups so you can increase your strength and get larger. A grown-up snake will be much stronger to deal with all attacks of the opponent snakes. So, you should never stop developing your mass. In this iO game, you will be able to spit poison to the smaller snakes but can lay mines to kill the bigger ones. Keep an eye on all traps and deadly barricades while moving around, or else you will die instantly. Your main objective is to survive longer to lead the match. Are you ready? Enjoy the game now!

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