How to play: Press WASD keys to move, Left click to fire, F to collect items.

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About is a good Battle Royale Free For All game including frequent updates such as dual pistols, smoke grenades, or the bank. Choose the game mode that you love and you can embark on your adventure in which you have to defend yourself against tons of aggressive people for survival. It is also the main aim that you need to achieve if you want to become the top winner. Enter a strange map and escape the airplane to parachute and land on a deserted island which has a very dangerous red zone. Try to avoid that area! After you appear in the arena, you will wander around and gather some guns with ammo crates and other items. Save them in your small backpack and pick out anything if necessary. Aside from that, you can loot killed opponents. If you find an advantage in the location that you are staying, you should attack others. Good luck!

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