How to play: Use LMB to walk and attack, release it to defend and attack

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About Sword.io


Sword.io is a cool Battle Royale (Fortnite) iO game published as Blade.io and Knife.io. It’s free for all to experience. It is about a fun multiplayer match. In which, it will require you to survive as long as possible before you take over the top spot. Are you ready to engage in a new unblocked challenge based on swords? Aside from the conditions mentioned above, the one who collects the highest score will be able to become the swordmaster.

However, it’s currently easy to play Sword.io free online that set in HTML technology. You will start the adventure with a normal character and you are equipped with a basic weapon. You can collect other swords and choose to kill the foes whenever to increase your EXP. It’s feasible for you to earn gold coins and buy more upgrades. In combat, holding the mouse button will throw more than releasing. Good luck!

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