How to play: Use keys WASD to move around, press key Esc to bring up the leaderboard, key Enter for all chat and key T for team chat.

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About Tagpro.Gg


Tagpro.Gg is an addictive capture-the-flag game where you have to team up with some friends to take out all tough opponents. This is a cool Multiplayer game that will keep you hooked for hours. Once joining, you will have to use your tactics and make some excellent teamwork to go take over the flag of the enemies then bring it back to your realm safely. Be careful with other rival defenders as they will do whatever it takes to stop you from stealing their flag. So, you need to defeat all of them with you smart skills, stay beside your teammates, support each other and lead your team to the final victory. Do not let the opponent team capture your flag, try to defend it all the time, or else your game will be over. Always prepare your good strategies so that you can get an edge over your opponents. Wish you luck!

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