How to play: Your tank can be directed by using keys WASD. Shoot at other opponents by pressing space bar or click LMB.

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Control your tank around the arena and attempt to kill all opponents in Tankar.io now! Play this funny iO game online right now to perform your excellent skills. As a tank controller, you undertake a cool mission that requires some strategies to complete. Move around the map cleverly, absorb all food orbs for the size buff, and by all efforts, you have to shoot down all tough enemies. Every single foe dying will give you some mass to collect. The more mass you earn, the stronger you will become. Picking orbs or dead mass will always develop your size. So stay focused on those two objects throughout the battle. In addition, you need to stay watchful for the shapes nearby the map. Sometimes they are deadly to pass through if they turn red, but frequently, you can totally move through them without being damaged. Always stay watchful, defend yourself and survive longer!

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