How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use key R to repair a tower or a wall you are next to. Press key U to upgrade a tower/wall. Use the left mouse to place turrets or open the gem shop by standing next to the gem. 

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About TDFork


TDFork is a Tower Defense Strategy game inspired by TD. In this title, you will experience tougher challenges and undertake harder missions to complete. If you love to play something way much more challenging, then make sure you check this one out. You will face off against wave after wave of enemies as you attempt to defend the Gem in the bottom of the map. The waves of enemies will be coming to your place gradually, so make sure you place some of the defensive items to make sure they won’t be able to reach your Gem. This kind of gameplay is similar to classic Tower Defense, but it is surely much harder to conquer. After each match, remember to fix your towers and keep them upgraded through over time so you will get more strength to cope with the next enemy waves which are much tougher. One of the most interesting things about TDFork is that it also allows you to cooperate with other players. You guys can work as a team to defeat the enemy waves. Let’s dive into this IO game now to show off your skills!

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