How to play: Press WASD or Arrows to move, Space or Shift to run, Left mouse to throw, Right mouse to recall your weapon

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Set the favorite nickname and start the cool Diep style game with a woodcutter. Play online against multiple rivals and destroy as many people as possible to conquer the top spot! So, you are joining an intense match placed in a forest. In which, the one who can survive the longest and gain the most kills will become the winner.

In, every character will begin with the weapon that they like most. Before you hop into the arena, you are able to choose the tool with the player that you want. With the equipment, you can toss it whenever. Because of the large number of enemies in, you should recall it promptly or you will be attacked and removed. Additionally, you are allowed to sprint when you are being chased. Trees on the map can be hiding spots. Attempt to keep living and level up! Good luck!

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