How to play: Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Use E/P or Numpad 5 to stop the movement.

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About TileMan.io


In TileMan.io, your main objective is to capture as many blocks as possible for building your dominance in the entire big arena. You start the game with a random color of a block and try to convert all the blocks on the map into the same color as you roam through the arena. The only way to covert them is to create a complete square, then the enclosed blocks will be changed into your color. You need to follow this way all the time to convert the blocks, but it won’t be easy because other players will do something to hinder your way. Therefore, you need to use your strategies to outwit all of them and give them no chances to attack you. If you don’t protect your blocks carefully, they will be stolen by the enemies, causing your game to come to an end easily and you will have to restart it from scratch. Get ready for this challenge and try to conquer this IO game! Good luck!

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