How to play: Use keys WASD to take control of your spaceship. Aim and shoot down all opponents by using LMB.

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About Timaleon


Timaleon is a cool 2D Shooter game online where you play as a spaceship commander trying to get through all dangers around the galaxy. There are so many enemies and falling objects that keep aiming at you. Your main task is to direct your ship cleverly, aim and shoot down all rivals with your excellent skills and never give them a chance to attack you back. This is also a fun Multiplayer game when it allows you to make some awesome teamwork. Just feel free to work with your friends so you guys can take down the stronger opponents. Shooting down the enemies is a must, but you should stay away from the big moons too. Any collision with them will lead your game to a failure. Don’t forget to collect a lot of power-ups, new weapons, upgrades and much more. How long will you survive? Let’s jump in the game now! Good luck!

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