How to play: Move your ship forward with key W, steer it with key A or D, tap space bar to fire, and press key Shift to activate your shield.

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You will become an ambitious commander who is trying to rule the entire galaxy in Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer 2D Space Shooter game right now to experience lots of cool challenges. You move around the space with your ship, and by all efforts, you have to shoot down all tough enemies that are nearby. Always act more quickly than them and never give them a chance to attack you back. When you think you can’t handle the attacks from around, just activate a shield on your spaceship. It will protect you and prevent you from being damaged. The in-game control may get a little bit hard at the beginning since probably you are not used to controlling a ship because of space physics. But keep trying and go forward as you try to boost one direction, then go boost another one to make it stop! How long will you survive? Jump in this iO game now!

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