How to play: Use LMB to place down blocks, RMB to skip the given block.

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About WarehousePANIC.io


WarehousePANIC.io developed by Rezoner is a cool Bejeweled Style game. It is also inspired by Tetris and 10×10. The new challenge will occur in a warehouse. You will compete with a few random opponents and you should be the winner by putting assigned blocks on the board within the time limit and collecting the highest score. There are 3 players in the same match. Thus, you need to surpass them to take over the top spot. In case you cannot find any appropriate position to place down the given item, you are able to skip it and get a different shape. In WarehousePANIC.io, you do know what you will receive. So, you are recommended to select an area of your own after your embark on your task. Note that the map is not large! You are forced to act rapidly. Otherwise, other rivals will occupy the spot that you have targeted. Good luck!

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