Warin Space

How to play: Direct your spaceship by using the mouse. Shoot at enemies with key A, or LMB. And use RMB or key S to use your skill.

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About Warin Space

Warin Space

Warin Space is a unique Multiplayer free for all Asteroids game with two powerful teams trying to battle against each other. You can choose a red team or a blue team before spawning into the game arena. As a part of your team, you must always do something called “teamwork”! This means that only working with your teammates will give you more strength and help kill all opponents efficiently. Move around the galaxy with your spaceship and try to shoot down the rival team as soon as you catch sight of them. Stick with your teammates all the time, don’t go anywhere alone, or else you can’t deal with their attacks and get destroyed easily. Remember to pick up a bunch of fragments spreading over the galaxy. Upgrade your ship through over time to boost its strength. The game goal is to rank up on the leaderboard and touch the glory! Wish you luck!

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