How to play: Use the mouse to direct your plane, shoot the opponents with LMB or spacebar.

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Take a chance to become the best pilot of all in a famous Multiplayer game called! The sky in the game is so crowded with tons of online players who are trying to kill each other for the top rank on the scoreboard. You will compete against them with your airplane and make sure that you stay alive as long as possible. Around the arena are numerous weapon crates as well as shiny orbs. Feel free to pick them up and use them to your advantage when trying to fight against the opponents. The new weapons give you more strength, but the orbs will boost your speed. Besides those strong power-ups, it’s much better if you have your own nice strategies and a tactical play. Dealing with enemies is never an easy job in this iO game. Their attacks come from various directions, and you must dodge them all to defend your plane. Try to increase your mass, climb the leaderboard and rule the sky!

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