How to play: Use the mouse and left click to move, Space to shoot, 1-3 to select power-ups.

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About Woopdrift.io


Woopdrift.io is one of the most interesting io 2d shooter games. Check your driving skill in a cool racing in which you have to beat every enemy to be the top player. There are tons of awesome items throughout the city. They are pretty special since you can boost your power quickly. Not only that, you can find letters “WOOP” and cash. Try to gather them to level up! The money will allow you to buy several amazing upgrades in the shop easily. While moving around the map, be careful of dangerous situations and survive. Furthermore, you can attack and destroy other people to earn scores and rank up. Choose any ability that you want to remove them. In Woopdrift.io, there will not be any special rule. Just experience the challenge your way. You must handle every difficulty skillfully although there is no barrier. Let’s play and see if how long you will take over the leaderboard!

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