How to play: Control your worm around the map using your mouse, click left mouse button to accelerate your worm.

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About Wormate.io


If you are looking for a new IO game that is similar to Slither.io, then Wormate.io is a perfect choice for you. This is an amazing Multiplayer browser-based that puts you in a huge arena filled with a lot of worms and awesome power-ups. You take control of your own worm around the arena in order to consume as many foods as possible so that you can grow your mass as well as develop your length. While you are hunting for your foods, you need to stay away from the bigger worms, or if you have your own tactics, you should use them to make those enemies run into your body, which kills them instantly. After their deaths, you can totally snatch up their dropped mass for your fast growth. Just always play with good strategies and defend the head of your worm so you can survive longer. Don’t forget to collect more power-ups then use them to your advantage. Wish you luck!

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