How to play: Use keys WASD for the movement, click left mouse button to collect, assault and build. Use the mouse for turning. Press spacebar for auto assault. Use key E for a fast upgrade, key T for a fast sell, and key F for a fast heal.

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About Zombs.io


Zombs.io is a challenging yet amazing Multiplayer Zombie Tower Defense and Strategy game. In this game, your main task is to create a base and try to protect it carefully so that the hordes of wicked zombies won’t attack it. Besides that, you are supposed to generate the amount of gold and to do so, you must build 8 Gold Mines as fast as possible, then position a lot of turrets around to keep the gold mines safe all the time. Don’t forget to make walls because they are kind of crucial. You may need them in defending your base and stopping the zombies from launching their assaults to your towers. This is such a slashing battle and you’re required to prepare nice strategies in advance so you can deal with the enemies more easily. The game objective is to survive all nights and get to wave 100. Will you survive that long? Play it now then find out your answer!

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