How to play: Use the mouse to move, LMB or Q to fire, RMB or W to control your ability, Space to lock a direction.

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About Zorelit.io


Zorelit.io is a great 2d space shooter game. Take control of a starship which is equipped with a special onboard weapon and fight against tons of enemies. You’d better destroy as many opponents as possible to gain experience, unlock levels, rank up, and more importantly, to dominate the galaxy. Aside from that, you are allowed to mine asteroids along the way to collect more bonuses which will help you advance and gather power-ups quickly. Indeed, there are many unique items like Engine Booster or Force Dash. Zorelit.io promises to bring a good method to relieve your stress. Besides, remember that you can team up with your friends during the combat although the current mode is Free For All. Work together with those allies and you will improve the ability to conquer the round in the short time. Do not ignore combinations between your gear and skills! Let’s start and take over the top spot!

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